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Language courses and teacher training

The language schools in the IHLS Group offer language teaching and teacher training services in several different countries, as well as a wide range of online training options.

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ALL our courses

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Net Languages

Online English courses

English and Spanish
Founded in 1998, Net Languages provides engaging online courses for learning both English and Spanish, in tutored or non-tutored formats.

We work with individual students, corporate clients, government departments and educational institutions all over the world and have developed different business models for each sector.

Formación ELE

Spanish teacher training

For Spanish teachers
The Formación ELE Spanish teacher training courses include both pre-service courses (in convenient two-week modules) and specialised in-service courses.

The IHLS group – an overview

Founded in Catalonia in 1972, the IHLS Group has grown to become a multinational provider of language courses, language exams and teacher training.

All the language schools in the group are affiliated to the IHWO organisation and share that organisation’s passion for helping people achieve their linguist goals as efficiently as possible.

The IHLS Group was also a pioneer in developing web-based language courses which means we can now deliver quality language courses to students anywhere in the world.

Reasons to study with us

Our aim is to help people develop their language skills (or language teaching skills) as efficiently as possible. Which means we take the pedagogical side of our business very seriously.

Our teachers and trainers have written dozens of text books and language teaching methodology books for all the top publishers. This isn’t a coincidence.

We organise some of the largest conferences for language teachers in Europe. This isn’t a coincidence either.

Client care isn’t something we take lightly. We can’t guarantee that all our students will always achieve all their goals, but we can guarantee that we will do our very best to help them succeed.

We have taught literally hundreds of thousands of students over the past 45 years. Our success is based principally on the recommendation of these students.

Social media

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To follow us on social media and get all our latest news, please see the feeds provided by our individual schools.

Popular courses

Among the many language and teacher training courses we offer, these are probably the most popular...

English courses, which we offer for all ages in all of our language schools

Spanish courses, for which our VIVA Group is the umbrella organization. We're also a member of IH Spain.

Exam courses preparing for Cambridge English and IELTS Tests.

Exam courses for DELE, the equivalent Spanish language exams.

Teacher training courses for English teachers (ELT or "TEFL") and for Spanish teachers (ELE).

For an overview of what we do where, see the chart at the foot of this page.


The IHLS Group: quality language teaching and training since 1972.

Also from the IHLS Group

Encuentro Práctico

Encuentro Práctico

For Spanish teachers
Now in its 31st year, Encuentro Práctico is one of Europe's top annual conferences for Spanish teachers.

In 2020, Encuentro Práctico will place in Barcelona in December.

ELT Conference

IH Barcelona ELT Conference

For English teachers
This year's IH Barcelona ELT Conference (February 7-8, 2020) includes plenaries by Chia Suan Chong, Dorothy Zemach, John Field, Monica Poulter and Scott Thornbury and a long list of great workshop sessions.

The Fonix

The Fonix English Competition

For Catalan Schools
A competition for students in Catalan schools, the aim of the THE FONIX is to encourage English learning among primary and secondary school students and learners at adult education centres.

Courses abroad

Courses abroad

Around the world
As well as the language courses we provide in our own schools, we also send students on courses abroad programmes in many other countries, including Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, the UK and the USA.